October 3, 2009

shining moment

News! I am being featured on the Little Beasts website as photo of the week!!!! How cool is that!? My mom & dad submitted a "Tito Classic" to Bergamot & Emrys when I was just a wee pup. Now it is online for all to see. The best part is that visitors to the site can create captions for my photo. I can't wait to read all the captions for my picture. You can participate too, just visit: www.littlebeasts.com or click on my web award to the right for the jump.


Mack said...

We saw that and thought "naww it can't be OUR tito, cause he's older than that"!! But congratulations! That is the cutest baby pic! My mom wants to know how you did your eye like that!

Anonymous said...

Loved your Little Beasts photo! My sister submitted the winning caption...hope you liked it!!

Anonymous said...

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