May 17, 2010

ominous presence

ALERT! ALERT! There is trouble on the hill behind my house!

Just look at the strange beast that showed up in the field behind my house today...

How would you react to such a threat? I huffed and puffed, paced, and raised my fur in a classic mohawk to show that I wasn't messin' around. It took all my strength to restrain myself from bursting out in uncontrollable barks. And you know what? Even after my serious intimidation the darn beast didn't budge! I had to camp out by the window so that I could keep my eye on it.


Mack said...

Ooo that does look scawie. Good luck with the meanie machiney

Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Tito...
Thanks for visiting me! Heck if I saw that thing I would bark and bark and bark. Tell your Mom that if it keeps bothering you, she should get some Rescue helps me when the fireworks start!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Mack said...

Tito -
I have given you a "Long Lost Friend" Award. Why don't you come over for a visit and claim it???


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