May 29, 2007

...just try to take this blanket!

...I take it under the coffee table

...comin' at ya!

May 28, 2007

Home at last!

Tito joined us in Toronto on May 19th and life hasn't been the same since. We're so happy to have him here!

...notice any resemblance?


...looking up to Dad.

...catch me if you can!


May 7, 2007

My Pedigree

Click on the image below to see my relatives...

May 1, 2007

Meet the Family

Alison from Kidogo sent along some family photos. Take a peek to learn where such cuteness comes from!

This is my mom. Her name is Dominique.

Mom taught me how to chew, chew, chew with the best of 'em!!

This is my dad. His name is Robb Isle Ricochet Romance, but you can call him Reggie...

Now you know where my stunning good looks come from!

I'm the baby of the family. I have a big brother named Butch...

I also have a big sister.

And that's everyone in my family!!! Well, almost. I have a human family too. Here is a goofy picture of my human mom & dad. They're really not much more civilized than us dogs...
Five and a half weeks old!

See me protect my ball?

Holdin' handsome for ransom!