July 31, 2007

off limits

Lately I've been spending time in places that I shouldn't be. Well, I mean to say that I've been hanging out in places that those humans don't think are appropriate. We have differing opinions.

I like to go into the cupboards and play on the lazy susan at the cottage. There's lots of food down there for me to sniff. If they really wanted to keep me out of here I'm sure they'd put doors on the cupboard:

I've also been found in the fireplace digging in the ashes. One time I got scolded and washed off, but I went right back in again and all my wet parts got even dirtier! That was fun:

July 13, 2007

the graduate

I graduated from Puppy Gymboree class on Wednesday. I got this fancy diploma because I learned how to play on agility equipment. I got to play on planks and teeter totters and run through tubes and barrels. I was the best in the class when it came to jumping over the hurdles. I might be small but I can jump high. Whenever I went out onto the course everyone would say "ooooh....look at little Tito go!"

July 10, 2007

cottage fun

This is long overdue, but I thought I'd tell you about my adventures up at the cottage near Haliburton, Ontario. I love going up to the cottage because I get to run wild and I get tons of attention from everyone and I get to eat things off the floor and lick the barbecue.

...I like to lounge under the muskoka chairs in the sun

...this is a picture of me practicing my "stink eye"

...sometimes my neighbor Molly comes over to visit and we run around together

...but most times I just ignore her.

...I like to keep an eye on the lake...

...and go rock climbing.

...and with a little encouraging from mom - or sticks - sometimes I'll even go for a quick swim!

I looooove the cottage.

July 2, 2007

happy canada day!

Whew! What a great Canada Day weekend...I'm still recovering. I spent it up in Haliburton with my family. It was really cold up there, so I sure was glad to have this festive sweater to keep me warm. Thanks Mary!