November 15, 2007

watch me grow

Everywhere I go, people think that I'm a new pup. Can you imagine that? Me! A 7-month old dog! Well, I may be a little on the small side, but I have grown quite a bit since I first moved to Ontario. Here's the proof!

I used to have so much room in my green bed. There was room for me and my beloved hoof, and my little blanket. Now I just fill the whole thing up...

And look at how little I was when I modeled my first collar! Now I have grown into a "small" sweater. Yup - that's right. No more "extra extra small" for me!

November 3, 2007


Things are changing. It's starting to get darker when I go out for my nightly walks with my mom and dad...

Leaves have started to show up stuck to my ball...

And most of all, it's getting very very cold! I don't like the cold. When I get too cold, I do my very best "sit" and look up at my parents with my most sad looking face so that they take me back into the house. Sometimes I raise one paw to look extra pathetic and cute, like this:

There is some salvation though. From time to time I will wander off to my hot spot. It warms me up. The humans know where to find me if it's too cold. I go in the dining room 'cause it has the best hot spot of them all...

The humans keep saying that I haven't seen nuthin' yet. They make comments about something called 'snow'. Hmmm....we'll see what happens. Surely it can't get any colder than this!

October 31, 2007

trick or treat

I want to wish everyone a Happy Howloween!!!! This is my first one ever, and I'm still learning about what happens during this holiday. So far it seems like business as usual, except for the fact that we had some weird orange vegetables show up on the porch earlier this week.

Last night I helped out with the "pumpkin carving". Everyone took turns scooping and carving, but nobody would let me lick the pumpkin guts. I kept an eye on the gourds and provided the artistic direction while my, the humans, did ALL the work:

It may be a little last-minute (isn't it always the way!), but I finally picked out my Howloween costume:

Have a safe night everyone!
Tito the Boston Scarier

UPDATED to tell you that my dreams of becoming a skunk for Howloween were not realized. But I did get dressed for the occasion thanks to my dog walker, Janelle.

Janelle left me a yummy bag of treats and this festive pumpkin bandana when she visited me on Wednesday. Here, allow me to model it.....

Howloween was pretty good. I was a little disappointed that we only had 20 trick or treaters come to the door, but I was still sure to greet them all. Maybe next year!

October 18, 2007

red ball

Mom brought me home a special treat today...a new red tennis ball! Her friend Margaret from work gave it to her to pass on to me. Aren't I soooo lucky!? I love playing with my new ball. No other pup in the neighborhood has one like it!

Could it be....pour moi!?

Attaaaaack! They don't call me the ball assassin for nuthin'. Now if only I could get my mouth around it.

Thank you, Margaret!

October 16, 2007

the big crunch

I know that at 6-months I'm technically a teenager already, but I tell ya...there is still so much to see and learn in this world! A couple of weeks ago, right around the time of the move, my mom and dad let me go play with my grandparents while they loaded all their toys in the truck. Now, that is normally more fun than a basket full of stuffed Kong toys, but this time was especially fun. We went to a place called the apple orchard!

This is a picture of me and grandma checking out the farm equipment. It sure was big and scary looking. I stayed pretty close to grandma. You know...just in case.

After a long afternoon of picking I was ready to enjoy the bounty of the harvest. Wait...ACK - these apples are sour! I think I prefer granny smith.

I got to go for a hay ride at the farm. How fun! Normally I have to go in my crate when I travel, but not this time. I got to feel the wind in my fur! Mom says that by the look on that lady's face, I must have done "a classic Tito" and passed gas. Hey.....I'm sensitive about my toots.

I love the country air! Finally a chance to sit in the sun and chew. My favourite!

October 13, 2007

on the move

A couple weeks ago my parents started putting all their toys in boxes. Every single thing in the loft got put away and some things got wrapped up in newspaper. I liked having all the boxes around because they're really good for chewing, and I also really liked chasing newspaper balls around. I'm pretty good at helping them put their toys in boxes...

But before I knew it, I heard that we were moving away and I wouldn't get to go for walks with my favourite person in the world - Kate, from Unleashed in the City. Kate has been visiting me and playing with me since I was a new puppy. She keeps me so active and helps me maintain my busy social life when my parents are at work. She takes me for hikes, and lets me play with balls, and she even helped teach me my manners. I was so sad to say goodbye to Kate, and I think she was a little sad too. I got Kate a $50 gift card from the LCBO so she can get a nice bottle of wine, and then one day she brought a gift home to me! Wow - I was so excited! I never had an actual wrapped gift before. Usually I just get gifts right out of the shopping bag!

Oh....what's this!? Smells good....

I will unwrap it. Hey, Tissue Paper, you're comin' with me!

Hey! This is the biggest tennis ball EVA! This guy looks kinda like me...

I knew there were cookies in here! Cool...fancy dog cookies from Bark & Fitz. This one looks like a hot dog. Hot diggity!

Thanks Kate! You're the best! I tell all my friends about how great you & the team at Unleashed are!

On moving day I tried to help out. Thanks to my agility classes I had no problem running up the ramp to the truck.
Where to boys??...

October 12, 2007

running behind

Whassup! Long time no blog, right? Honestly people, I've been so busy over the past few weeks that I've hardly had time to play soccer or chase pigeons let alone blog. I promise to update this weekend to tell you all about:
- my big move to the country
- my cool presents I got
- my apple picking adventures
AND share many cute pictures of my stunning self. For now, I'll leave you with this picture of my bad self...

September 7, 2007

what happened?

Yesterday was a weird day.

First of all, my mom and dad starved me in the morning. I ran over to the spot where my food and water bowls normally sit, at the normal time, and they were both empty! Not a drop of water or a single piece of kibble were to be seen. I looked up at them with my most pathetic looking mug, but to no avail.

Things got stranger.

Instead of going into my crate to nap and wait for the dog walker, I got to go with mom and dad in the car. And I didn't even have to sit in my crate...I got to sit on mom's lap! We only drove about 5 mintues. We got out of the car, walked up to a door, I hopped up a step, and then it hit soon as my paws hit the linoleum I knew we were at the VET! The vet was really nice. She cuddled me and told my parents to come back and pick me up at 6pm. WHA? I knew that was a long, long, long time. She walked me down a long corridor and I looked back at my parents over my shoulder with a little huff/snort as if to say "let's go - they don't feed me anyways". Mom said I was brave. Dad was talking to someone about recovery time for a neuter.

Then things got really strange.

The vet shaved my legs, took blood, hooked me up to an IV, and then I passed out. When I woke up my mom and dad were there to pick me up. I was really groggy and sore, and the vet put this weird hat on my head. I mean, it's even worse than that stupid shirt my mom tried to make me wear in the summer. So annoying....

I didn't feel very well...

I had to rest and snored very loudly...

I got hungry late at night, but I needed help to get my kibble because this stupid hat got in the way...

And I REALLY surprised my dad when I tried to hump his leg before going to bed for the night...

Hopefully today's a better day.

August 27, 2007

summer camp

Hi everyone, thanks for checking out my blog. I've received all kinds of great feedback from people and pups all over the world, so I thought I'd better do my part to stay on top of things.

I've been a busy little guy for the past few weeks. It all started back in July when my parents decided to buy me a new house. Yup - a real house with a yard and everything. I thought it was about time, really. I'm going to get a front yard and a back yard to pee on and my house even backs onto a huge park.

Anyway, before long my parents were putting the loft on the market and I was told that I was going away to 'summer camp' with my grandparents for a couple of weeks so that the prospective buyers didn't know a dog lived there. I thought it was kind of silly. I mean, if they knew famous Tito the Boston lived there it might make people want it even more. But nope - the agent said to make me disappear. That's okay though, because I had so much fun at camp...

I made new friends...

I got my very own splash pad that I used to cool down my belly on hot days...

I got to go kayaking with my grandma. I was the captain...

And of course, I like to mix up my day with a healthy balance of play time and naps...

And more naps....

I hope grandma doesn't mind me putting that picture of her on here, but I think that was one of my favourite times at the cottage. I had so much fun that my paws turned from white to black and my mom said that I perfected my puppy stink. That means I'm get something called Bath Time tonight. I'm not sure what it is, but it sounds fun!!

July 31, 2007

off limits

Lately I've been spending time in places that I shouldn't be. Well, I mean to say that I've been hanging out in places that those humans don't think are appropriate. We have differing opinions.

I like to go into the cupboards and play on the lazy susan at the cottage. There's lots of food down there for me to sniff. If they really wanted to keep me out of here I'm sure they'd put doors on the cupboard:

I've also been found in the fireplace digging in the ashes. One time I got scolded and washed off, but I went right back in again and all my wet parts got even dirtier! That was fun:

July 13, 2007

the graduate

I graduated from Puppy Gymboree class on Wednesday. I got this fancy diploma because I learned how to play on agility equipment. I got to play on planks and teeter totters and run through tubes and barrels. I was the best in the class when it came to jumping over the hurdles. I might be small but I can jump high. Whenever I went out onto the course everyone would say "ooooh....look at little Tito go!"

July 10, 2007

cottage fun

This is long overdue, but I thought I'd tell you about my adventures up at the cottage near Haliburton, Ontario. I love going up to the cottage because I get to run wild and I get tons of attention from everyone and I get to eat things off the floor and lick the barbecue.

...I like to lounge under the muskoka chairs in the sun

...this is a picture of me practicing my "stink eye"

...sometimes my neighbor Molly comes over to visit and we run around together

...but most times I just ignore her.

...I like to keep an eye on the lake...

...and go rock climbing.

...and with a little encouraging from mom - or sticks - sometimes I'll even go for a quick swim!

I looooove the cottage.

July 2, 2007

happy canada day!

Whew! What a great Canada Day weekend...I'm still recovering. I spent it up in Haliburton with my family. It was really cold up there, so I sure was glad to have this festive sweater to keep me warm. Thanks Mary!

June 19, 2007

best toy

Say hello to my rubber friend....

June 16, 2007

new terrain

The second floor of the loft is no longer unreachable! It started with one tentative step. With a little courage and a bound of energy, I was able to climb the steps in seconds! Mom and dad are going to have to puppy-proof upstairs now. Suckas!