May 25, 2009

tuckered tito

Spring has sprung! It's that time of year when I decide to come alive in a BIG way!

I had quite a busy weekend. I played some soccer, met some new neighborhood dogs, wrestled with my dad, chased some children and relaxed at the patio table with a bone. It wasn't all fun and games though, I also had to maintain the garden. I helped dig in the dirt and I smelled each and every tulip in the garden to ensure they were coming along nicely.

On Friday I went to my grandma & grandpas house and zoomed around their yard and played with my big ball. I was so exhausted that I couldn't keep my eyes open on the way home. This is VERY unusual for me, because normally I like to look out the window at all the action. This time my dad caught me having a snooze on the seat beside him. This was no little nap...I was fully splayed out in exhaustion, snoring away...