June 19, 2007

best toy

Say hello to my rubber friend....

June 16, 2007

new terrain

The second floor of the loft is no longer unreachable! It started with one tentative step. With a little courage and a bound of energy, I was able to climb the steps in seconds! Mom and dad are going to have to puppy-proof upstairs now. Suckas!

June 15, 2007

bat boy

Today is my 3-month birthday. I have grown so much since I first came to Toronto one month ago. To celebrate the occassion, my ears have decided to stand straight up on my head! That's right - I'm no longer a floppy-eared pup...

...all the better to hear those commands from my owners. Ya right! You see, I have also developed "selective hearing" in the past few days. I have no problem hearing words like "dinner" and "get a toy" but sometimes I miss things like "leave it" or "no biting".

Yesterday my mom told me that I got accepted into Puppy Gymboree at a place called Urban Dog. I'll get to play with other puppies and run around and get introduced to agility equipment for fun. She said something about 'puppy socialization' and 'expending energy' but all I care about is playing with other puppies and running around. My dog walker, Kate, thinks this is a good idea too. I have been amazing her with my athletic ability and my fearlessness. What can I say, I'm just naturally gifted!

June 13, 2007

something funny happened

Usually I sleep in my bed or on dad's jean quilt. I get so comfy that I sprawl out on my back, belly up to world...

...sometimes I get so comfy that I can even sleep with my eyes open

Well something funny happened the other morning. I was in my crate. I got bored. So I started to whine and bark. Dad wanted just 5 more minutes of sleep, so guess what he did...

Yup! He picked me up and brought me into the bed. And you know, it is the most comfy bed in the whole house because I get to snuggle up to him and stay close and snug. Mom said he was encouraging 'bad habits' because I'm not going to be little forever, but we said Pfffffffffffffttttttttttttt to that!!

new apparel

Well, I finally got my first necklace. It's red leather with little silver stars across the back. And my favourite part is the tag that says "T". That's for Tito!!

Don't you just love how I work it?

I've been busy

I've been so busy since I came to Toronto that I've hardly had time to post. There have been so many people to meet, so many new places to go....so many butts to sniff!

I helped my mom plant a herb garden.

...we planted rosemary in the windowsill

...this one smells like oregano

...and if you whisper nice things to the basil, it helps it to grow!

June 8, 2007

I'm now part of a not-so-exclusive club of Toronto Boston Terriers. This group meets up for BT play dates in various parks and dog centres around the city for some fun. I'm not quite big enough to attend any meetings yet (I still need my second set of shots), but I can't wait to join them in late June. If I'm lucky I will be able to go to their infamous Toronto Island meet up in July, where 50+ BTs take the ferry over to Centre Island with their owners to the delight of all the kids and tourists. What a hoot!