March 27, 2010

guinea pig

Have I mentioned my mom learned to knit last year? Well, earlier today I got awoken from a deep nap to try on a new hat. I lifted my chin high so that she could put it on me.

My dad accused my mom of making me suffer an extraordinary humiliation, but I kinda think the blue looks good on me:

And it keeps my ears warm, too:

I'm only allowed to wear it when the humans are watching me. I'm not sure if that's because of the chin tie or the fact that I would have that pom pom destroyed in seconds if I was left to my own devices!

i'm three

It's my favourite time of the year. The other day, I caught scent of something very tasty in the house. I knew it could mean only one thing.....time for my annual celebratory birthday cupcake!

Isn't it a thing of beauty? As soon as I got my first sniff I snapped into a perfect sit/beg pose and batted my eyelashes at the humans.

And guess WORKED! Come to pappa...

Later in the evening my grandma stopped by with a card AND a gift. Hey - that dog looks a little like me!

A cool duck throw/chew toy. YIPPEE!

So fun! Aren't I spoiled?

March 8, 2010

winter thaw

It feels like spring has sprung in my neck of the woods. With the temperature hitting the low teens, you'd hardly guess it was still March! Normally I'm still deep in my winter hibernation at this time of year. Instead, I'm out frolicking, sniffing everything and making new friends this year.

Here is a photo of me doing my best Easter Bunny pose:

Hope you're enjoying the warm weather as much as I am!