June 30, 2008

je m'appelle

My name is Tito but I have a lot of different names. I know that it's normal to have nickname or two, but my mom and dad have taken it a little too far. I have more nicknames than I can count. This is what I get called ALL THE TIME...
Pup Star
Licky Lou
Muffin Top
Hot Stepper

Once in a while I get called...
Pork Pie
Toe tapper
Corn chipper
Little Juan
Hot Tamale
Trap Jaw
Gap Tooth
Mister Tito

And I also get called...
Snort stacker
Huff n Puff

But that's not all! My grandma and grampa call me 'grand dog', too

How many nicknames do you have?

June 17, 2008

independent me

Now that I'm maturing I have found a new independent nature. I like walking off on my own from time to time to play or explore or nap. Sometimes I get into trouble when I go off on my own by chewing shoes or licking the furniture, but usually I'm a good boy.

The other day my mom was looking high and low for me. I heard her calling me but I didn't want to make a peep in case she made me leave my new special place. You see, it was still pretty early in the morning...at most 7am....and I learned an important lesson: the sun is at the back of the house in the afternoon, but you can find it in the bedroom in the morning! That's right! I discovered it by accident. This is what my mom saw when she found me...

I tucked my legs in tight so that I could fit in the sun spot. "I'm being good...honest!"