June 15, 2007

bat boy

Today is my 3-month birthday. I have grown so much since I first came to Toronto one month ago. To celebrate the occassion, my ears have decided to stand straight up on my head! That's right - I'm no longer a floppy-eared pup...

...all the better to hear those commands from my owners. Ya right! You see, I have also developed "selective hearing" in the past few days. I have no problem hearing words like "dinner" and "get a toy" but sometimes I miss things like "leave it" or "no biting".

Yesterday my mom told me that I got accepted into Puppy Gymboree at a place called Urban Dog. I'll get to play with other puppies and run around and get introduced to agility equipment for fun. She said something about 'puppy socialization' and 'expending energy' but all I care about is playing with other puppies and running around. My dog walker, Kate, thinks this is a good idea too. I have been amazing her with my athletic ability and my fearlessness. What can I say, I'm just naturally gifted!

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