October 16, 2007

the big crunch

I know that at 6-months I'm technically a teenager already, but I tell ya...there is still so much to see and learn in this world! A couple of weeks ago, right around the time of the move, my mom and dad let me go play with my grandparents while they loaded all their toys in the truck. Now, that is normally more fun than a basket full of stuffed Kong toys, but this time was especially fun. We went to a place called the apple orchard!

This is a picture of me and grandma checking out the farm equipment. It sure was big and scary looking. I stayed pretty close to grandma. You know...just in case.

After a long afternoon of picking I was ready to enjoy the bounty of the harvest. Wait...ACK - these apples are sour! I think I prefer granny smith.

I got to go for a hay ride at the farm. How fun! Normally I have to go in my crate when I travel, but not this time. I got to feel the wind in my fur! Mom says that by the look on that lady's face, I must have done "a classic Tito" and passed gas. Hey.....I'm sensitive about my toots.

I love the country air! Finally a chance to sit in the sun and chew. My favourite!

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