March 19, 2008

here's henrietta

I got an early birthday present from my grandparents and I just had to show you how much fun I'm having with

My dad took me over for a visit a couple of weeks ago and grandma couldn't wait to give me my prize. It is a chicken called Henrietta. This was perfect timing because I have ripped the crotch out of my old chicken. Don't get me wrong. I still love my old chicken 'cause it's dirty and floppy and stinks, but let's be honest - it has no squeaker and it has been dragged in the mud. Anyway, my new chicken is shiny and pillowy and best of all she makes all kinds of squeaks and squaks when I shake her. Here she is:

She even matches my beloved pink bone that Rob & Kristin got me when I was a new baby.

I like her so much that I learned the word "chicken" and now I really impress the humans cause when they say "Tito, get your chicken" I know that they want me to get Henrietta and not just any toy. Hey - I amaze myself sometimes.


CrackelJam said...

LOL, Tito- you're so cute! Too bad you live so far away or we could have a doggie playdate.

Anonymous said...

You are a very smart person!