May 29, 2008

skinny dip

Summer is here! It's so nice to get back outdoors and enjoy long summer walks. Now that the weather is nicer I get to spend time with my dog walking pack, I get to lounge in the sun, and of course, I get frozen yoghurt kongs.

The exciting news is that I have learned how to get a drink from the hose. Well...kinda. You see, I'm a little intimidated by the end of the hose (when it's on full force), so I tend to lick the leaky parts instead...

It was so warm a few weeks ago that the humans put out my splash pad!

I wanted to cool myself off in the water, but first I had to bark at the grass blades and splash them out of my pool. It was hard work, but it was worth it. Just look at that crystal clear water...

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