February 22, 2008

sub zero

We've had some cold weather lately. I think I mentioned it already, but I really don't like going out in the cold. Sometimes I've even been known to get all sucky and refuse to walk. Or lift my paw and try to look really sad and desperate so that I don't have to stay out too long.

Well, the other day, my mom bundled me up in a red parka to help keep me warm on my walks. I wasn't too sure about it at first. I felt a little embarassed and thought I resembled a sausage. I thought the other dogs would laugh.

Do I look fat in this?...

Ready to brace the cold....

I made it all the way down the front steps....

And then....hey! Wait a minute. Did mom get a picture of me sucking up already? Nooooo...that wouldn't be me picking up my paw would it? Trying to look pathetic and mooch a ride in my dad's coat?? Oh no....here it comes....a close up!!!!


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